Tax Preparation

In all ventures, no matter how large or small, taxes are a major consideration. Therefore, we place special emphasis on tax reporting and tax planning. In addition to our basic accounting service, we also prepare for you the following tax returns:

State Sales Tax Return
City Sales Tax Return
U.S. Payroll Tax Deposit
U.S. Payroll Tax Return
State Payroll Tax Deposit
State Payroll Tax Return
State Unemployment Tax Return
U.S. Unemployment Tax Deposit
U.S. Unemployment Tax Return
Employee W-2 Forms
Form 1099 – Commission and Fee Statement
U.S. Business Income Tax Return
State Business Income Tax Return
U.S. Personal Tax Return
State Personal Income Tax Return

In addition, our firm has the in house capabilities to design and implement custom pension plans, deferred compensation plans, executive bonus plans and investment strategies.

That means that you can handle all your financial affairs at one place and have one firm to hold responsible for their successful completion. This also eliminated the need to reveal your private finances to outside agencies