Mobile Notary Services


We provide mobile notary services to individuals, mortgage lenders, brokers, and escrow and title companies.

Our Notary Publics can travel to the signers home, business or another comfortable destination upon request. We can also provide a safe, professional and private place for signers to meet with third parties and excute signings which we will then notarize.

We maintain a network of professional, knowledgeable and courteous mobile notary publics with experience in executing mortgage documents and other legal instruments. We are not a legal firm and do not offer legal advice or author the documents themselves or render advice on the documents, only on signing them.

A qualified Notary Public will confirm all documents are signed, and attest or acknowledge the execution of all instruments.

We can also receive documents to be notarized via fax or email to facilitate your signing.

We currently do not offer remote signings and all signers will have to be personally present in order to have their signatures notarized.